Control units & engine tuning with over 19 years of experience.

A coordination with performance measurement is possible on the chassis dynamometer and with Insoric at PureBoost.

In general, you should weigh up and gladly clarify with us in advance what you need for your individual project and how to best implement it.

We have access to several chassis dynamometers and of course we pass on the costs for the rent without extra charge.

Adjustments that take place on the chassis dynamometer are logged again afterwards on the road to achieve a perfect result.

One system PureBoost has been working with very intensively since January 2015 is the Insoric performance measurement.

The power is determined by the system directly on the road under real conditions, which makes it possible to work very precisely, especially during tuning.


  • real conditions such as temperatures or air flow conditions
  • less stress on engine and tyres
  • the vehicle need not be lashed down on the dyno
  • real power dissipation is measured and therefore the power indication on the wheel is very accurate. (Wheel performance on roller test benches is sometimes significantly affected by strong lashing)
  • fast and exact power measurement

The detailed test can be found here: www.pureboost.de/insoric

There are now 600 Insoric RealPower users in the market. Among them are six automobile manufacturers in the premium segment.